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Things are never quite as they seem

Everyone has an opinion, and as a young woman, I unfortunately had to endure listening endlessly to people’s comments on how I should live my life.

I should be a Lady, I should marry a rich man and have children, I shouldn’t be aggressive, I shouldn’t start a business, I shouldn’t travel on my own, I shouldn’t buy a car, essentially, I should do what I am told like a good little mindless girl.

Well, sorry to disappoint, but I never listened to any of you, and quietly went about living an extraordinary life.
While all the self professed ‘experts’ went about living their boring lives, I am thrilled to say I did the exact opposite.

A small handful of people actually know what I have done and where I have been, but the number is very few. The rest gossip viciously behind my back knowing absolutely nothing about me.

Yes, I know what you say.
Yes, I know who you are.

Most people do, we are not as ignorant as the haters think we are.

Like many of the people I meet in business and around the world, I am the epitome of the wrong first impression.
There are numerous blogs on this subject.

Wondering where this is going??!!!??

Over the last few days I have been going over years of files of ‘Competitive Analysis” , information garnered and collected over many years.
I am a serious information junkie.

When I started my Company as a young woman, I was the only one in the city to have a High End IT Consulting Firm, and oh, the insults. There were so few women in the industry, and most of those who were, essentially were data entry clerks.

I was not only technical, but visionary, and bilingual.

Looking at the application of technology to solve business problems, and actually doing it.

Fast forward, little has changed.

In going through years and years of Corporate files, something absolutely terrifying emerged. The ‘Little Girl” who should have been home having children, survived literally thousands of companies which no longer exist. Some of them enormous multinationals. Think about some of them, Northern Telecom, Montreal Trust, Netscape, Systemhouse, Consolidated Bathurst, Celanese, DMR, LGS, Digital Equipment, Tandem, the list is endless.

So, THANK YOU to all of you who doubted me. Your insults and negativity drove me.

And the reason for this blog??!!!

To hopefully encourage someone else to follow their dreams and ignore the naysayers.
Be incredible, be imaginative, be the next Steve Jobs !! Be amazing!