Dying for Fashion

In the midst of a pandemic, whatever notion of common sense there may have been, has certainly disappeared.

During the last week, there have been endless riots and protests in the US, where we have witnessed tens of thousands of people, in numerous cities, all jammed together, most of whom were NOT wearing masks.

NO, I am not in any way saying that I condone the actions of the police in the senseless killing of an unarmed black man, but the response of putting one’s own life at risk, as well as that of one’s family is senseless, and frankly unconscionable.

Stay at home legislation is slowly being lifted, and let me say loudly, I DO NOT AGREE, as unfortunately it has sent a message to the stupid and unthinking that all is OK. NO, it is NOT.

The pandemic is still here. It is mutating and spreading.

Some schools, not in Quebec, reopened, and already they are experiencing huge numbers of new COVID cases. Each child in those schools is potentially spreading the virus and bringing it home to spread.

I went to 2 stores the other day, and drive past several others. What I witnessed was excessive numbers of clients waiting in lines outside, the majority NOT wearing masks or doing any semblance of social distancing.
The other thing I witnessed was people in filthy clothes and shoes, women carrying filthy, disgusting handbags overflowing with dirty Kleenex and other things, greasy, dirty hair, and semi-nudity.
Yes. Due to the heat wave we experienced last week, women were out in flip flops and other open toe sandals, wearing teeny tiny tops with spaghetti straps and exposed mid-riffs ( vulgar in public at any time) and mostly unattractive and inappropriate, and the shortest of shorts and mini skirts which left little to the imagination.

And the point is??!!!

IF microdroplets can linger in the air of a room with poor circulation for up to 14 MINUTES, these individuals are seriously exposing themselves and their families to the coronavirus as they carry it home on their already dirty exposed bodies.

The lack of personal hygiene was already at issue, but the lack of clothing is insanity.

The need to be ‘cute’ is defying logic at a time when you are putting yourself at risk. Is it really worth dying for??
Those same women were not wearing masks, not social distancing, and clearly not all out in the company of family members. Many were shopping with friends.

I would like to say, ‘what were they thinking’?? but clearly being out and being ‘cute’ was more important than their lives. So, intelligent thought was sorely lacking, along with their clothes.

Earlier in the week when I did my outing to the grocery store, I actually saw some individuals sporting masks, but along with that, a few also wearing a sense of humour. One fellow was wearing an extremely funky colourful shirt, the sleeves had been partly cut off, and the missing fabric used to manufacture a matching mask!!
A few older couples were wearing crazy matching masks.
If they can do it, WHAT is the problem??

If the Asian and Medical communities have PROVEN that wearing masks reduces the risk of transmission, why on earth refuse to wear one??

If you are such a fashion victim, then just wear one that matches your outfit!! Not so hard.

So, in the name of saving our own lives as well as those we love, let’s get back to basics, shall we??


Actually a safe distance from others is 10 feet, 6 is the absolute minimum.


We are endlessly being told to wash those hands, but what about the rest?? If ever there was a moment in time to be squeaky clean, this is it. Just because you have been locked up for 2 months wearing your comfy pyjamas, it is no excuse for not bathing, and certainly no excuse to venture out of the house in said dirty, comfy pyjamas. Bathe, wash your hair, shave your face, wash your clothes, sanitize your shoes, put on decent clothes. We can see AND smell you.

While you are at it, you should be cleaning all the following articles religiously…….

Door knobs
Light switches
Re-usable shopping bags
Shower – bathtub
Car doors
Steering wheels
Mail box
Door bell

When you arrive home, remove your shoes and sanitize them immediately.

In Japan it is considered polite to remove one’s shoes before entering a private home. If ever there was a time to adhere to this practice, now is the time.

For years I have been imploring people to not walk into my home with their filthy shoes, and NOT to bring their filthy slippers to wear in my house.

Are you starting to understand??


Wear one. It is a sign of respect for oneself and others. Period.


Remove it all. UGH.
Facial hair is dirty at the best of times, shave it off. It is easier to wash your face before putting that mask on.!


Ugly and gross at the best of times. NEVER clean. Cut them off, and wash, wash, wash those hands.


Clean them a LOT.
Don’t touch them when you are out in public.
Your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body.


Wash it more than usual. It carries germs.


Clean, clean, clean


To be avoided at all costs.

When a toilet flushes, it unleashes millions of microdroplets into the air, which land on EVERYTHING.
The person who used it before you touched door handles, toilet paper dispenser, toilet paper, flusher, seat, faucets, everything. If they were infected, you just touched everything they did.

Perhaps I am a bit extreme, but I carry a mini Lysol spray, wipes, gloves and masks with me anytime I go out, and I use them excessively. If nature is screaming at you and you have no choice but to use a public toilet, wash your hands immediately, then bathe yourself, your clothes and shoes the second you get home. Do NOT wait.


If you must carry one, sanitize it every time you come home.
They sell alcohol wipes, spray and Lysol. Use it.

This virus does not care how cute or how fashionable you are. Wear closed shoes, and cover your body if you are going to public places.


Stay alive

It is your life.

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