Roslyn Takeishi started her career as a poet, singer, songwriter, her articles and poetry being published as far away as Japan, gave up the artistic world and founded a small boutique style IT and Management Consultancy.

She and her associates serve Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 clients in Canada, the US and Europe from Montreal and Toronto offices. A collision with a fan from her folk days – this individual had been to ALL her concerts, and remembered every detail of the music, songs and venues. This set her back on the road to once again compose music.

A chance meeting at a late-night jam session brought her together with Christopher, and together they have composed an extensive compilation of music which crosses boundaries of blues jazz, folk, Cajun, ballads, Indian, French ballads, and some whimsical music.

Her mounting frustration with the business world and the total defiance of logic she sees being practiced in many of today’s corporations inspired her to write a new genre business book. With the technologies available today however, it became obvious that a blog was the way to go. This is meant to add common sense with a sprinkling of humour, which is sorely lacking in the cut-throat business world of today.

Put your feet up, and enjoy the read.

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