Vote for Moi!!!

The Municipal elections are upon us with a vengeance, we are besieged by posters on every lamp post with smiling faces of wannabee candidates promising endless good things from lower taxes to improved services.

They ring the doorbell, stop us at the grocery store or on the street, with huge smiles emanating from the intoxicating scent of power and all its incumbent perquisites. The promise of endless cocktail parties, gallery openings, fame and fortune, access to people and places previously inaccessible….they want you to believe all the wonderful things they will do, JUST FOR YOU!!!…..the perception they are bestowing upon the naïve and uneducated..
But, the truth is, if they are unable to say , ‘thank you’ to all those who helped them during this or previous campaigns, how can we trust them to work for their constituents and not only for themselves?

How many politicians are working for the public good as opposed to a hidden agenda?
How many are accessible? Are they polite? Condescending? Arrogant? Understanding?
Can they actually relate to the problems faced by many of their constituents??

Do they understand finance? Have they actually worked in a serious business? Run a business? Multilingual?? Highly religious??
Look at their body language, facial expressions, micro expressions, eyes, clothes….can they actually listen or are their eyes searching the room for someone more important? Do they have a vanity project?? …..far, far too many of those around…..just think about how few local Mayors do NOT have a vanity project……

SO, before you cast your vote, STOP, ask yourself these questions, if you can’t answer them about your choice of candidate, it is the wrong candidate!!

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