Green Hypocrisy

Yesterday on my way home, I stopped into a large multi-national grocery store to pick up Lebanese cucumbers, tomatoes and cooked chicken. The chicken was in a large plastic container, the tomatoes were in a clean plastic container, the cucumbers were on styrofoam wrapped with plastic. The cashier made a big deal of wanting to charge me 5 cents each for bags to carry my plastic containers. When I made a comment I was given a lecture by a 19 year old with attitude that the 5  cent charge was to save the ecology, and we should all do our part. Seriously, where do they come up with this rhetoric???  Have you looked in a grocery store lately? EVERYTHING is in plastic or cardboard with plastic inside, some to keep things from being damaged, others to prevent people from stealing.

Go to an ‘Organic’ grocery store, which in real terms is often an oxymoron at best  – as produce is organic, it comes from the ground. Has the produce been grown in true organic, chemical free soil?  That is open to debate today, as often what is sold as organic is actually hydroponic, which is fertilized by fish by-products, and many people are allergic to it.

We are living in very strange times – the young are always carrying on about being ‘green’ yet they are the same people having larger families than we have seen in decades.  For the most part, my peers had on average one or two children, and a great many of us chose to have none at all – yet the youth, who are pushing this ridiculous ‘green’ movement, are having 4 – 5 and even 6 children, and actually bragging about it.

To my mind, being green means having NO children, or one  at the very most, as what we truly need is to reverse the population growth. We can’t continue to have huge families, the planet can’t support what we have. There is a huge problem with potable water, the disappearance of may type of wildlife, the oceans have been over-fished and are polluted – the problems are too numerous to mention.

So, charging me for a plastic bag is utter hypocrisy. Lecturing me is offensive.

Just because it is your right to have children, doesn’t mean you have to exercise it . Try some restrain. Try to actually act out what you are preaching.

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