The Art of the Introduction

This afternoon I went to an upscale art gallery for the opening of an exhibit of some fabulous art….known in Montreal as a ‘Vernissage’ and was introduced to a woman, once again, who pretended not to recognize me. Over the years we have been introduced dozens of times, yet she feigned politeness briefly and moved on in seek of greater prey.

The lady hosting the event continued to speak with me and commented that she was thrilled by my continued presence as she wouldn’t have to interact with the woman in question. This was done in an elegant way, but the meaning was clear. I giggled, and told her that this was far from the first time we had met, and that she was one of a succinct group of ‘pseudo socialites’ (you heard it here first!!!) who are always looking over the shoulder of the person they are speaking with in case someone better turns up. As the hostess and I have known each other for well over 30 years……. (even though I am 29, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!)… we know a great many of the same people, we both mentioned a few names who are guilty of this particularly arrogant behaviour. The conclusion we reached, which was mutual, was that all of these rude people put on airs of grandeur, but are undoubtedly the least interesting or accomplished people in the room.

We chatted about the art and artistic community at large, and how much she enjoys working with them. and the incredible imagination to create this type of work.

There is an art to gracious introductions and the appropriate response required. One wonders if this is no longer taught, as it seems a large part of society has no idea what to do. One is expected to offer one’s hand and shake hands with the other individual, repeat their name while maintaining eye contact, and then ask a question of the other person, it could be regarding the location of the function, the art, the weather, or simply complimenting them on a piece of jewelry in order to show some interest. First impressions are usually inaccurate, and one is frequently surprised by whom one is meeting.

The lack of any willingness to speak to the other person or make any attempt at small talk is disrespectful and frightfully boorish behaviour towards both the other party and the individual trying to make the introduction.

One wonders if these people have any idea of what is being said behind their vacuous arrogant backs. Yes, we are paying attention, and we know who you are.!!!

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