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Student protest June 22, 2012

It is now 4:03 on a sunny Friday afternoon in downtown Montreal. For the last 2 hours the so called ‘student’ protest has taken over the streets of Montreal causing havoc for business owners, and the population at large.

It is the beginning of a long weekend, so they have decided that they should disturb what is left of commerce in the downtown core.
Last night, Thursday, the streets were abandoned, restaurants were virtually empty. Tourists and residents have ceased coming downtown as no-one wants to find themselves in the middle of this nonsense. To date the cost of extra policing has been well in excess of $10 million, however the cost to the society at large is far greater. I have attached photographs which clearly indicate this is NOT to do with the puny tuition increases, but is a UNION and POLITICALLY motivated protest, unfortunately the protestors and the international press has been biased by the reporting of this, and the so called loss of rights with the passage of Bill 78.

If we want to discuss the loss of rights, perhaps Bill 101 which limits the rights of the English population to conduct business in their own language, and restricts the education rights of immigrants to this province. Or we can protest increased gas prices, food prices, paying tax to educate the children we don’t have (I pay a fortune in school tax, tax going to IVF, day care, etc, and have no children…….why should I have to pay???)

Check out the banners, mostly political and union. Do not be swayed by the rhetoric.